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Govt. License No: 556/068/069
Social Welfare Council Regd. No.: 36316


Literate Nepal

Project Proposal

Implementing Organization:

Plan My Volunteering  Nepal

Project Title: Literate Nepal

Project Area: Jyotinagar, Nepal

Amount requested: $ 3700



Plan My Volunteering Nepal

is a non-profit motive member based non-governmental organization working in the different underdeveloped regions of Nepal with a motto of flourishing literacy, healthy and green Nepal as its name? This organization was established in 2012 A.D with a motto to work under education, health, and environmental sectors.


We all the members of this organization are young and energetic youth working for the betterment of community and Nation. For the betterment of community and Nation, we youth should work truly under education, health, and environment. These sectors are the most essential sectors from where we can imagine a better future of the society and country.


Now we are in the very initial stage, so we are doing many little works but we are sure that we are paving the path for sophisticated society. In this initial stage, your help will be a great boost for our organization. With these perspectives, we have been doing many programs. Some details of the programs that we conducted are as listed below with pictures:


Establishment of Library in Khorbhanjhyang, Dhading, Nepal

Tree plantation program in Bharatpur, Chitwan

Stationary Distribution inSaraswatiSchool, Harmi, Gorkha, Nepal

A day National Workshop on Disaster Risk Reduction

Free Health Camp at Sukranagar, Chitwan, Nepal

At present we are working on distributing free computers to three underdeveloped schools in a rural community. We have collected some funds from some of our friends who are abroad to distribute five computers at each to three schools where the students are lacking technical education.


In this aspect, we have been doing surveys in various schools of our place that are within the undeveloped community. And there we found a school in a very pathetic condition.

We are talking about a school at Divyanagar VDC, Chitwan, Nepal. It is lower Secondary School Majadi school established in 1990 A.D. This school lies in the very back warded area considering development and the society is also economically and socially back warded. About 95% of students here are Dalits, highly marginalized janjaties and moreover, most of them are homeless.  A view of the pathetic condition of classes is as below:

Classes are running up to grade 7 and there are about 450 students. But the education there has not been beneficial because of poor infrastructure and low-quality education. So we want to work in this school for the betterment of the quality of education. For the purpose, we, Plan my volunteering Nepal is planning to manage a quality library for this school so the students will not be deprived of quality education. This idea immersed when we asked the authorized person" if the school possess a library or not"? He showed us the room which they called a library. The room consists of two small steel box in which there were some 40 old books. The picture of that is attached herewith.

Preview of the current so-called library:


It was so heart touching when we saw these and we were so much touched by the pathetic condition of that school even lacking a good library where students can increase their knowledge. The moment Plan My Volunteering Nepal decided to grant five computers to that school for development of the technical education for the students. And further we thought of managing a good library there but we don’t have a fund for the library. We are looking for volunteers/students from your School/university/organization who can come to Nepal and help our Library.


This is our proposal to fund us some amount for helping to manage the library. Under your terms and condition, the Library will be named  Library. This will definitely help the students increase their knowledge and education. With our effort of giving them technical education by granting computers and with your support to manage the library, the school will indeed develop its qualitative and technical education within some months or years and produce really excellent students who can do something for their undeveloped community in the days to come. If your honorable volunteers/students from your School/university/organization accepted our proposal and support us to manage a library for these poor students, the library will look like below after the successful investment.


 Conceptual views of  Library



Objectives of the project:

To improve the education standard in the school of Divyanagar by managing a proper and sustainable library providing sufficient books for students for their quality education

To prioritize the technical education

To make the school child-friendly and provide them with a piece of knowledge about health and the environment.



There are two different clientele groups for this project.  The first, and primary, the clientele are the students who study in the targeted school. This clientele group is represented in the project objectives for Goal.

The second clientele group is the students at the local community who can use the library under the school’s terms and condition. This clientele group is represented in the project objectives for Goal.

Both clientele groups are important and essential components of this project. It is expected that significant learning will take place for both clientele groups.


Estimated Costs:


We know (who is the institute) is an honorable Institution and with a hope to flourish the education in a school where students are deprived of sustainable education Plan My Volunteering Nepal has proposed a project in front of you. The expected costs for this project have been made as per the following aspects:


  Particulars         Expenditures

Coloring, repair, and maintenance of the library room (Includes decoration and carpeting too )    $600

Labor cost           $400

Books    $1650

Stationary           $450

Furniture             $600

Total                 $3700

This is our estimated cost to manage a library for the targeted groups. We hope … will consider for this project. Once the proposal is accepted we will start the work and reporting will be done to … about each and every aspect and we want to assure you that we will be crystal clear in financial terms.


The scope of work:

To achieve the above –objectives, Plan My Volunteering Nepal has proposed the following activities.




1. Improvement of Library

To improve the quality of education Plan My Volunteering  Nepal wants to improve the library they currently possess. We want to introduce the latest books and newspaper in that library and with the help of this library, a student will acquire new and updated education. They can also use the library for reference education. Also, a student will develop the habit of reading books in free time rather than passing time in useless activities.

 We believe school libraries support children in becoming successful learners, responsible citizens and confident individuals and support schools in their duty to promote well being and community cohesion. We believe that every school library should contain a wide range of current resources relevant to the social, cultural, emotional and educational needs of the pupils, to include books, ICT and other relevant materials. We believe in enabling every child to become a reader through enjoyment and enlightenment. We believe in creating independent readers for life through promoting literacy, inspiring reading and supporting teachers and librarians.

We want to improve the condition of the room by putting furniture and decorate the library room so that students will feel comfortable to use a library and also we will keep in mind that the library should be child-friendly.


2. Introduction of Computer Education:

In developing countries, with large segments of the population living at extreme levels of poverty, the first question that must be asked is whether it is reasonable to invest money in technology for the educational system, instead of using the same money to improve the living conditions of those in dire need. We believe that these interests are not contradictory and that the only way to reach a long-term solution for the economic problems of the population is to raise the educational level, particularly for the low socio-economic groups. To improve the technical education in the school Plan My Volunteering  Nepal is planning to donate five computers and train the teachers the basic computer education so as to the give their student a modern education which will be beneficial for the student for their bright future.


3. Orientation and sharing of knowledge

During our frequent visit to the School, we are also planning to give orientation for the student about good health habit, different other health, sanitation, and environment-related issues so that they can further educate their family and society. If we will able to educate a student, we will finally be able to educate a family and finally a society and ultimately a nation. So Plan My Volunteering Nepal is planning to develop overall aspects of the child which will finally help him to be a better citizen of future.



Plan My Volunteering Nepal has shown a concept of a small project above and we would like to assure you that we will be providing your organization each and every report regarding activities done during the establishment of a library and financially also we will be transparent to the highest degree. We also like to add you that establishment of computer lab and library is our initial project and we will continue the good deeds in the future too. This concept of young minds and youths will help for the betterment of society and country.