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Volunteer Programs in Nepal

By volunteering in Nepal, you have the incredible opportunity to contribute to the local community, enhancing personal and social skills while meeting fellow passionate individuals. It’s a chance to boost self-esteem and gain valuable experience to greatly benefit your future job prospects. Join us as a volunteer in Nepal and make a lasting impact while enriching your journey.

Community Volunteering

The community volunteering program aims to actively involve volunteers in projects that contribute to the well-being and development of local communities in Nepal.


The internship programs provided by PVN Nepal offer practical, hands-on experiences for individuals seeking professional development in various fields.

Cultural Exchange Program

The cultural exchange program aims to facilitate cross-cultural understanding and appreciation. The program encourages cultural sensitivity
& global connections.

Who We Are

PVN Nepal is a non-governmenal organization (NGO) registered with the Social Welfare Council of Nepal. It was founded in 2012 by 7 Nepalese with many years of experience with international volunteering organization. 

PVN Nepal is run a volunteer organization a PVN Nepal is a non-religious, non-political, non-government a customized volunteer program. Our organization Stands for the social benefit for various ways. Our major mission is to create a understanding by encouraging volunteers to assist with our local marginalize people, community development and youth mobilization programs. We have been working since 2013 in various part in our Nepal. Our organization,  Plan Volunteering Nepal (PVN-Nepal) provides all the interested volunteers throughout the world a chance to toru throughout this beautiful country volunteering in any sectors they like. 

Finally, we sincerely express our cordial best of luck you for your safe and enjoyable tour to Nepal with PVN-NEPAL. And you are most welcomed! 

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