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Govt. License No: 556/068/069
Social Welfare Council Regd. No.: 36316

Volunteering Work Orphan Kids


Taking care of children without parents or homes is indeed the pure worship of God as a human being, and is seen as pure humanitarian work around the world.  Volunteers will be placed in an orphanage where they will live with the children.  The children are mostly between the ages of four to eighteen, and they may or may not have a basic understanding of English. 







The general role of the volunteer in this placement is to act as an older sibling: to take care of, look after, and encourage them to participate in the different extracurricular activities. These activities include music, dance, games, and drawing. The skills instilled by these volunteers make the children more independent and leave lasting impressions on their lives.

Work & Impacts

Volunteer Responsibilities in Orphanage:

Teaching and tutoring English, Computers, or any other subject in which the volunteer excels

Help children understand homework; monitor academic progress

Take care of the smaller children who are too young to go to school.

Help with food distribution, kitchen work/duties

Design activities/programs for the children

Increase health awareness through brushing teeth, showering, and educating them on how to maintain personal hygiene

Organize games, drawing lessons, singing, dancing, and other creative activities

How can you help these orphans?

Volunteer your time

Sponsor a child

Sponsor a program

Donate to the children’s education program

Donate – books, school supplies, old clothes, toys, indoor games, medicine (vitamins, scabies cream/lotion, lice shampoo, band-aids, etc.

Additional information:
Skills required: Volunteers must have good English (limited-working) proficiency. Experience teaching is a plus, but not necessary for this program/placement. Volunteers must observe the rules and regulations of the monastery, be respectful and polite to the teachers, children, and local people.

Age range: 16 years and older

Start dates: Flexible, minimum time of this program is 2 weeks and the maximum stay is 5 months.

Note: Contact us if you have any questions about this program, we would love to hear from you!






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