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Govt. License No: 556/068/069
Social Welfare Council Regd. No.: 36316



We have volunteered ourselves, worked in the field for many years and have been following the discussion of international voluntourism throughout the whole time.

We found that there are not enough independent platforms which provide high-quality advice and information’s to help future volunteers. Most platforms are affiliated with companies and organizations, we aim to give independent advice and use the knowledge we gained to help develop the voluntourism market.

If you like our work and want to support us, we feel honored. Please feel free to spread the world and to share and forward our posts. If you want to support us financially: Thank you very much, but we will not accept any support to maintain and guarantee our complete independence.



Together, we can look back at more than 12 years of experience regarding volunteering, tourism, and travel. In addition to our skills as social worker and manager, we can help NGOs and agencies to in starting, maintaining or expanding voluntary services. Improving quality issues is our main focus. We are willing to support any effort and initiative working towards the goal of sustainable and responsible volunteering. If your program is looking for advise or support, please feel free to contact us via