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Social Welfare Council Regd. No.: 36316



With the uncertainty of what my experience in Nepal would be like, I said goodbye to my mother at the airport, ready to go to one of the countries that catch my attention and to my bit. When I arrived at the airport, Saroj was waiting for me and how that moment, everything was on wheels, He kindly helps me to the hostel and also show me beautiful places of Kathmandu that's how I experience my first crazy ride in a motorbike in Monkey temple. He also teaches me some Nepali words and important culture facts in Nepal that really appreciate knowing. I meet prashna at Kathmandu who is Pokhara coordinator and we want to Pokhara by car, I was very lucky.
When I arrived at the family home, I felt like mine from the beginning, they give me a warm welcoming, something that I greatly appreciate.

In this time they have filled me with joy and peace, I have met children full of magic, emotions, dreams and above all, love. Being able to give them bugs without control is one of the most rewarding things I have done during these weeks. (ping pong, cards, Mikado,camba...)

We played, we dance we paint (they really love it!) We laugh, and we eat the best dall that in Nepal.
Sometimes I also went to lakeside move garden and eat some momos with elder girls. We had so much fun!
I also went trekking with dipendra and they show me the most majestic place I've ever seen.
the view from Mardi Himal they will always be in the ready. I'm very grateful to the people of Pvn Nepal team, for making me feel at home for showing such beautiful places, and for opening my mind and teaching me that limits one were each one puts them.
I will never forget their smiles, then eternal kindness and their goodness, they all have such a big heart and this's why I felt in a continuous piece.
Thank you, Nepal, for having such wonderful people and such wounder places full of magic. I will be eternally grateful and I hope to be back soon.

Mirea Naldaiz Gastesi- Spain